Everything hurts

So, this year I decided that I wasn’t going to do new years resolutions. Because every time I make a resolution, I fail.

This year I decided for goals. I wanted to lose weight. There wasn’t a set amount (at the start of the year..) just by December 2021 I wanted to weigh less than I did in January 2021. Easy enough right? I wanted to stop biting my nails, and I wanted to stop drinking as much soda. In the end I want to stop soda all together, but I figured I’d be smart about it and instead of hitting myself with a bunch of things all at once, I’d work on soda, while I cut out biting my nails and worked on losing weight.

That all changed after Diet Bet kept emailing me over and over and over again. BIGGEST POT EVER. Okay, sure. So I checked it out, and they… well they weren’t lying. The pot at that point was at over 1.5 million dollars. Thousands of people had joined, and it looked like a few more hundred would be joining in the coming days.

I told myself that I didn’t set a number for a reason, that while the amount was tempting, I didn’t want to set a goal only for myself to fail. So I closed it and went about my merry way.

But the emails kept coming. Over and over and over. So I caved. Because, well, it was an impulse choice. Ohh shiny decided to override my brain working properly and saying no.

So I paid 195$ for a 6 month bet.

The first month, I need to lose 3% of my body weight. I don’t remember what my starting number was (and I’m too lazy to go open it right now) but I’ve lost 61% of the weight this month that I need to lose to hit the first month goal. If I hit the first month goal, I split the first pot with everyone else that hit their goal as well. Right now the pot is sitting at just over 215,000$.

Anyway, due to this I’m walking and working out more, so today I’m just fucking sore everywhere because I yet again overdid it on ring fit yesterday -.-.

I have two packages that need to be picked up from the main office, but I know that I can’t carry them back to my apartment from the main office. So.. I can’t walk there which frustrates me cause I needs my steps (….for another bet I made…).

Oh well, hoping to get in 10k steps today. I know that’s not a lot to most people. But considering I average 3k steps a day, 10k is a whole hell of a lot =3

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