I don’t know what’s up with me today or yesterday but I’m just.. idk done with things.

I can feel parts of my life starting to shift back to the way they were, and I have 0% interest in it.. at all.

Going back to being constantly depressed? No thanks. Spending less and less time with my friends? No thanks.

At least I’m making art still, but… yeah I don’t know. I think that I might need to step away from the internet for a couple of days so I can stop this spiral I can feel happening due to the circumstances around me.

In other news, to combat the absolute fuckery happening, I started to use my keyboard more today. I think that I’ll try and find an app that I like to start playing it more and integrate it into my daily life.

Sorry this post is also fuck all. But yeah, it’s the best it’s gonna get while I try and hold myself back from going down the rabbit hole of hopelessness. WEEEEEE

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