Last minute trip to LA

So, Dennis’s monitor is dying. It’s not a big deal as he’s had it for pretty much the entire time we’ve been together. But a new monitor was actually one of the things that I wanted to get him for christmas. So, at like 5am I decided that we were going to go to the best buy outlets that are in the greater LA area.

He had gotten maybe 5 hours of sleep at this time, so I kinda felt bad for that.

But, we got up, went out and drove down to LA. Sadly neither store had what we were looking for. They had a bunch of other things, but all in all the drive down was a bust.

I did enjoy having a lot of quality alone time together. Lots of talks on the way there and on the way back. I always love longer drives with him because we spend so much time just, hanging out with each other without any other distractions.

Anyway, I might write more about our adventure tomorrow. For now I’ve had essentially no sleep in 2 days and I’m about to pass out xD

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