Today was nice :D

Another prompt that I won’t be doing, so going it alone =3 again.

Today was mostly just spent chilling. My sleep schedule is completely and absolutely fucked. For the first like 4 days of the year it was great! I was going to sleep at like midnight, waking up at like 7:30. I had that schedule for like.. 2 weeks! Then Jake decided he wanted to ask me to play stardew valley.

Since I stared playing on January 4th (aka, 3 days ago..) I’ve already put in over 21 hours on the game.

I honestly can’t remember the last game that I obsessively played like this. Maybe minecraft?

But I’ve really been enjoying it and having fun with it. But due to playing so much, I’ve got a really really fucked up sleep schedule now. I think I got maybe like 5 hours total in sleep the past day?

Then watched some Umbrella Academy again. I swear I’m not addicted and this absolutely definitely isn’t my 5th time watching it. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Last night while I “couldn’t sleep” I got crafty πŸ˜€ It was a lot of fun. Though, I do wish that my executive function would like.. you know function during normal hours and not when it’s fucking 2am.

I got charms/pendants done for the zodiacs as well as testing out some dice (they didn’t work.. any mold that closes, somehow never works for me). Then I decided to finally make my candles! Did I mention I have candle making supplies now? Well I do. And I’m excited.

I got 5 candles done last night. Indian Sandalwood. In my first pour ever I got *amazing* smooth tops. But then I realized that my lids go on the inside of the jar. So while I had filled them to the brim, they couldn’t close. So I had to pull out allll that beautiful wax. I was not happy. At all.

Re-melted the wax and then threw it back in the candles. The first one has a boatload of issues on the top of it, so I will likely use that as my test burner and my 5th one as a tiny tiny bit of shrinkage around the wick. Otherwise, they all came out with smooth tops. I’ll likely be making more candles tonight. Hopefully, I can get them up on my shop semi soonish. I just need to commission Tabby for some labels.

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