How unlike me

Sadly, I don’t feel like I fit with today’s prompt either. So I’ll be going it alone again.

And while I could say that I didn’t put this off until the absolute last minute (and am not even sure I’ll get it in time..) I have.

Today has been much of a shitshow for me. I woke up and had a migraine, ate, drank some water, nothing was working. So I decided that I would take a nap and then make dinner. Dinner turned into looking at the calories of everything that we were going to make that night and realizing just how much I’ve been overeating on pasta nights. Like.. crazy over eating on pasta nights!

So I had to quarter everything, that way I would have my leftover dinner for lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow is already an expensive day as we have lasagna every Tuesday (it’s because it’s the easiest thing ever when we have WoW nights..).

So now I’m mindlessly stressing about calories again. Which honestly? Has me really really afraid that I’m like on the verge of kicking up my eating disorder again. So.. here is hoping that it doesn’t.. here is hoping that for once.. I can actually fucking count calories without it being a detriment to my health.

I won’t say I’m overly hopeful though πŸ™

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