Giving up is always easier…

Today, because I’m not one to really do photo blogs, I’ve decided to go it on my own and write a blog post that has nothing to do with the prompt given.

I’ve given myself so many things to do daily that it might be too much. But honestly, if I look at it from afar, I know that it’s not. They’re all things that don’t take much time, things that don’t take much effort. They’re just things to do.

For most people, this would be easy! You just do your thing and then you’re done. For me, it’s a bit harder than that. I have trouble starting things. I have trouble doing things. For me, I will sit and stare at something for hours that I need to do, and I’ll just forget to do them, or even worse I’ll put them off until the last minute.

Honestly, this is why most of my blogs are at night, why my photos are at night and why the prompts I’m making for my 365 are at night. Because I sit all day knowing that I need to get them done, but somehow a small task is a monumental task.

This is why the title. It would be easier to say: No I can’t blog every day, it takes too much time, no, I can’t take a picture every day, I don’t have the time to get my camera out, I don’t have the time to find something to take a picture of. The examples could go on forever. But this is mainly how my brain works. Instead of finding the ability to do something my brain instead is always looking for the reason not to do the thing.

So, the next 362 days are going to be spent teaching myself that I can do this. I can blog each day. I can take a picture each day. I can do it because it doesn’t cost much time. I can do it because I want to do it. No matter what my head says in that I can’t do it, I know that I can, and I will.

This post was more of a me thing than anything else. So uh, thanks for coming to my TED talk <3

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