What makes you happy?

Dennis, without a doubt makes me happy. I don’t know what I would do without him. In fact, many other things that will go on this list are due to him. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am today. I wouldn’t have the things that I have now, and I wouldn’t have the passion for things that I do now.

Other things that I have found bring me immense joy have been all things that have to do with art. Over the past year, I have gotten myself into more art things than I could ever think of. I’ve started resin, knitting, picked back up crochet. Have all the supplies for candle making, soap making, bubble bars. You name it and I likely have that in my office or in this apartment somewhere.

Then there are the classics. Music has always been something that I’ve clung to. Through adolescence, early adulthood, and now into my 30s, music is an obsession I can’t shake. Though, when I’m in the dumps, maybe I should learn to shake it because honestly, it’s not very good for getting out of the dumps.

Lately, my friends have brought me joy. In this past year, I’ve had quite a few people just up and walk out of my life. People that I thought were going to be my friends for a long time. But I guess a long time wasn’t that long. Instead, they decided that they didn’t want to keep communicating and ended up giving me the silent treatment until I finally gave up and stopped trying. Whereas now I’ve become really close with a couple of people and I’m so very glad to have them in my life. They’ve shown that even though they’re as spazzed and spaced out as me, they’ll be there for the long run.

Aside from that and including my cats (let’s not because I could go on forever) there isn’t much else. But I think that I’m alright with that! I don’t need to have a million things that make me happy. So long as all my things make me happy, that’s all that really matters to me. Especially because I remember a point and time (really most of my life..) that I’ve not been happy and nothing made me happy.

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