And we’re off to Never land.. or the Netherlands. Same difference?

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While I’m upset about the circumstances, I’m happy that I’ll be going home. The other night at 2:30AM Dennis got a call from his mother. Him, being the ignorant person that he is, ignored the call and went back to sleep. She texted him saying she was in the hospital and that it was urgent to please call her back. He called her back, and she couldn’t talk as she was being taken somewhere.

What I found out the next day was apparently she had suffered from a mini stroke. She said that she’s feeling fine, but they’re not releasing her until Monday. Dennis figured that was that, and just left it. I asked a question that apparently wasn’t even on his mind. “Would you like to go home to be with your mom?”

He didn’t see the point in going home. Him going home wouldn’t make her magically better, it wouldn’t reverse the mini stroke from happening. I guess what he failed to realize is that us humans (aka non robots ;P) have feelings. Over the past year he has gone no contact with his mother for seven months. He’s her baby (youngest) and he lives thousands of miles away and rarely comes home. I told him that even if it wouldn’t “fix” anything it would sure as hell make his family happy to have him home, even if for a short period of time. After debating it (and the plane ticket price) and asking others what their opinions were on it, he finally decided that he was going to go home. Great, lets look up tickets.

He called his boss, and told him what had happened. They told him, don’t worry about it family first, and said that they would pay for his ticket to the Netherlands. Now it was my turn to debate for hours about if I was going to go or not. His mother and I aren’t close at all, as many of you know. If I went, it would mean I would have to find another place to sleep, because I wouldn’t be able to stay at her house. It would mean that we would have to do something with the cat. It meant more money that we didn’t need to spend. Dennis was adamant about me going with him. Telling me that I should, even if I would only get to spend 2 days with him while there. I was torn. Should I be responsible and stay with the cat and not cost us more money, or do I go home? Where I’ve been homesick for a while.

After sleeping on it for a few hours I decided that I was going to go with him.

So, that has been the adventurous update on why I’m suddenly leaving the country.

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  • Angie

    I think it’s important you be with him because I think he needs your support, even if it’s just for a few days. I know that it’s an odd situation to have to stay another place but I think your presence, even if for a short while, will help him cope. I hope everything goes well and his mom has a fast recovery, even if you’re somewhat on the fence about her. 🙂

    12/05/16 – 9:47 pm

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